Plain English, greater clarity, more style; that's just the beginning.

Business at the speed of light

In today’s world, you either conduct business at the speed of light or you have no business.

Today’s customers, tomorrow’s customers, your employees and your supply and distribution partners, they all want informationMingus they can use. And they want it now. Clear, concise communication is not just desirable. It’s crucial to your business’s success.

Greater clarity

As business owners and managers, you already know what you want to say. And you know who you want to say it to. Now KiwiStreet can help you say it with greater clarity.

More style

Our team of writers and editors have the skills and experience to ensure your message gets through clearly and stylishly - whether it’s on screen, on paper, or face-to-face.

Each of our team members is highly experienced. Each is a champion of Plain English. Each has a deep understanding of the mechanics of effective commercial communication.

Between them, they have written and edited for some of the world’s biggest brands. They’ve also helped some of the world’s most successful ‘corner stores’ to become even more successful. Now they are ready to help your business.


Words about words